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My name is Robito and I am a roaming nomad adventurer and educator, with 14+ years experience teaching in the primary, secondary and higher education sectors, whose motto is 'share the love' and 'make the world, in your own unique way, a better place!'

By living in the moment now, doing what gives me joy, and letting my intuition be my guide, I am experiencing first hand that when we develop our full potential, we want to be the best we can be - not selfishly screw the world over as some would argue is human nature.

As I find out the true effect that going with the flow has on the human soul, I am discovering that I don't just want to sit around and watch everything fall apart around me. The world is in a big mess right now, but every ying has a yang, and as war, poverty, illness and environmental disasters increase, so does the number of people who desire for something new.

There is an exciting paradigm shift (new way of thinking) taking place right now, as the traditionally Western concern for social equality now merges with the traditionally Eastern focus on self-realisation.

I am on a mission to find out what positive things are going on out there and bring these messages back to educational institutions around the world.

What is 'Being a Buddha'?

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The word 'buddha' actually means being fully awake, aware, or conscious of the true nature of things - the way the world really works.

Being a buddha is therefore a particular way of being - not a particular person.

'Buddha' is just a word for people who understand how looking for happiness outside of ourselves will never bring us lasting joy, who are then brave enough to get to know who they really are inside, and who ultimately share that love for life that we all have within us with others for the betterment of all.

We are all capable of being a buddha if we choose to be!

Why 'Be a Buddha'? 

Well, there comes a point in most people’s lives when we stop to ask ourselves why we just do not feel that happy, even though we have been doing everything that we were told by society would make us happy.

We generally call this a midlife crisis but it can happen at any age and today that age is getting increasingly younger. With me it happened one tough day back in 2009. I entered into Google the words 'how to be happy' not really expecting much of anything; maybe a picture of a cute cat lying in the sun or something.

What I got was a link to a (then) free e-book by Michael Anthony (see here), and this book changed my life. Not only did it make perfect sense, but it also supported many of my own beliefs by giving scientific explanations, and provided me with a whole lot of interesting further reading suggestions.

Over the next few years, I read up on the vast and unnecessarily complex mass of information out there that falls into the category 'spirituality' or 'conscious living'. I made notes and consolidated what is actually a very simple yet potentially life-changing message on what life is all about.

On 4th December 2013 I quit my job and set off to Mexico on a Latin America adventure in order to find out what really happens when we stop reading these inspirational books and quotations and articles online about happiness and making a difference, and start actually putting their words into practice.

On 23rd January 2014 I flew from Mexico to Colombia, and for the next 6 months I started listening to my intuition, meditating, going with the flow, and living fully in the moment now. I faced my fear of deep water (and sharks) by diving in deep water (with sharks), my fear of heights by learning to paraglide, and I faced my ultimate fear - being alone - by spending extensive time camping on my own in nature in order to get away from outside distractions, really connect with this world around us, and become aware of who I really am.

As if planned in advance like some plot ending to a novel, a few days before my travels in Colombia came to an end, I figured out what it means to be completely happy. You can read my final post on that adventure here

How to 'Be a Buddha'?

All spiritual teachers old and new teach us how to be a buddha so that we may experience joy, or nirvana, or heaven on earth within, as we develop our Higher Self - the best of who we are.

The best thing is that the underlying message that all spiritual teachings share is extremely simple!

* be unconditionally compassionate to ourselves 
* be unconditionally compassionate to everything else around us 
* live fully connected to our intuition in the present moment now

We do this in 3 simple steps:

The first step is to fully process the reasons why so many of us do not already feel completely happy with our lives, and understand why we need to change - not just for our own well-being but for the well-being of all. Then we can make a conscious choice to change our lives right now.

The second step is to start getting to know our inner 'Self' (who we really are) by stepping out of our current life-style, and trusting in our intuition to guide us. We know deep inside what we want to be doing with our lives, and by living in this moment now with a real sense of adventure, we find out the true potential of going with the flow on the human soul and experience profound inner happiness.

Step 3. Changing the World

None of the people we admire made any difference in the world by just thinking about their own happiness. Once we understand what makes us tick, and experience the joy of living to be happy, we find ourselves in a wholesome place to begin sharing all the love we have within us with others.

We develop our creativity, our passions, and we find that purpose that brings out the best of us - our Higher Self.

When to 'Be a Buddha'?

I took the plunge and started on this life-changing journey when I was 31 years old. I am nearly 40 now and still learning along the way. In other words, it is never too late, and never too early!

As we all know, the only time we ever really have is this moment now, and we only have one life to live (that we will remember anyway), so I strongly urge all of you to start the journey too.

It is a truly incredible feeling to start experiencing the profound living connection that all things have with everything else, and feel the unconditional and universal love for all things that follows.

I created this website to share with you what I have discovered, and continue to discover, as a real practical guide.

I am not saying 'practise what I preach' - I am just sharing with you what I have discovered and continue to discover for those that feel inspired to give 'being a buddha' a go.

Be inspired ♥

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